Monday, April 5, 2010


Kingdom : Plantae

Two main classes :
1) monocotyledons
2) dicotyledons

Habitat : grow in almost every kind of habitat

  • Seeds have one nutrient storage area
  • Leaves of parallel veins
  • Flower parts in 3
  • Many fibrous root
  • Vascular bundle scattered throughout the stem
  • Seeds have two nutrient storage areas
  • Leaves of net or branching veins
  • Flower part in 2, 4 or 5
  • One main taproot
  • Vascular bundle arrange in a ring
  • Classified into :
Plants which complete their life cycle in one season
Exp : sunflower, mustard, pea, bean, rice, maize

Plants which complete their life cycle in two years
In the second year of their life span they produce flowers, fruits and seeds
Exp : carrot, radish, turnip and beetroot

Plants that live for more than two years
Every year they produce fruits, flowers and seeds
Exp : pine, apple, banana, begonia, Red clover, maple, mint

kinds of andiosperms..

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